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    CenterLine Launches SoftMount™ Gun

    SoftMount™ Gun ImagePosted August 14, 2020

    CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is proud to officially announce the launch of the SoftMount™ Gun with two unique configurations to appeal to diverse customers’ needs. The SoftMount™ Gun is designed to mechanically fine adjust its position to a stamped hole to consistently projection weld a fastener. It is ideal for robot applications where part dimensions, hole locations, or tooling are slightly inconsistent.

    According to Larry Koscielski, Vice President of Process & Technology Development –

    “We strive to find simple solutions to solve our customer's problems and this is a great example.  In this case we found that allowing the gun to comply and self-align provides a huge improvement in efficiency and reliability of the process”.

    To read the full press release, click here.