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PinPoint™ Solution

Intelligent Machine Tending

CenterLine’s patented PinPoint Solution is a unique product supplied as a configurable solution to feed parts into robotic lines and cells. 

The PinPoint Solution is designed to maximize production throughput, optimize operator utilization and part flexibility.

The standard offering comes with part locating pins, vision part verification and orientation, breakaway part positioning and controls, all in one package.


  • Intelligent machine tending solution, designed for simple integration and maintenance.
  • Optimize operator utilization, one operator can load parts on more than one PinPoint.
  • Part buffering to increase machine throughput.
  • Integrated vision system to verify part type and robot pick-up location.
  • Multiple part types can be run on one PinPoint Solution.



CenterLine engineers can configure a PinPoint Solution to meet production requirements.
The solution is supplied complete, tested with production parts along with simple add-on instructions for the cell controller. 

Some PinPoint Solution applications:
  • CNC Machine Tending
  • Build-in-sequence Traceability & Error Proofing
  • Robotic Pack-out Cells
  • Plastic Parts Post Processing