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CenterLine Brazil

CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda* is a manufacturing, sales and service support facility for standard CenterLine equipment and components purchased by South American based customers. This facility's product focus is on CenterLine FlexGun™ weld gun packages, FlexFast™ and FlexFast Lite™ pedestal welders. It is also a licensed supplier of complete tip dressing systems.

This operation provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Consumable electrode, weld gun and modular welding machine component manufacturing, sales and support
  • Spare part inventory support and emergency supply
  • Wellness audits
  • Resistance welding training for Engineering and Maintenance Personnel
  • Project management/coordination with CenterLine (Windsor) Limited operations
CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Copies of their certificate can be viewed at the following links:

Portuguese Language Certificate
English Language Certificate

For additional information on our CenterLine Brasil Location, please visit our website at

CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda
Rod. BR 280 KM 43, n.º 501, 
Bairro Poço Grande, Cidade de Guaramirim - SC 
P.O Box: n.º 57 
Brazil  Cep: 89270-000
To submit resume:
General: +55 47 3085-8300
Financial / HR: +55 47 3085-8302 / +55 47 3085-8303
Sales : +55 47 3085-8301 / +55 47 3085-8300
Engineering: +55 47 3085-8307
Project Management: +55 47 3085-8308 / +55 47 3085-8309 / +55 47 3085-8300
Purchasing: +55 47 3085-8305

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*CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda is a CenterLine Holdings company.