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VeriFast™ IA

The VeriFast™ IA (Integrated Amplifier) Product Family

Why migrate from VeriFast™ LVDT to VeriFast™ IA? 

  • Identical Mechanical Dimensions. VeriFast™ IA weld bodies maintain the same mechanical dimensions as LVDT weld bodies. A VeriFast LVDT weld body can be upgraded to an IA to take advantage of the benefits.
  • Enhanced Design. VeriFast™ IA boasts design improvements that improve reliability and reduce integration time and maintenance.
  • Reduced Installation Time. VeriFast™ IA does not require a Signal Conditioner, which simplifies the installation and integration time. They can be wired directly to analog field blocks. 
  • No Calibration. The VeriFast™ IA weld body has an integrated Signal Conditioner that is pre-calibrated. No re-calibration is required.
  • Reduce Operational Costs. VeriFast™ IA's one-piece weld pin design is robust and less expensive. 
  • IA MicroView. New versions are available for seamless integration with IA weld bodies. 

Smart Pin Sensing System

The VeriFast™ IA (Integrated Amplifier) Fastener Detection Solution is CenterLine’s latest system for monitoring weld pin position, an important part of the projection welding process.

Main Features

  • Ability to sense:
    • fastener presence and orientation at the point of weld
    • piloted and non-piloted nuts
    • welding stud lengths
    • infinite weld pin positions (fully extended, fully retracted, etc.)
    • measurement of projection collapse
  • Uses standard, readily available consumables.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Available in two standard pin stroke lengths, 22 mm & 50 mm.
  • Real time linear position is communicated from the electrode to the monitoring system and can be calibrated to indicate actual measurement.

Why use a VeriFast™ IA?

The VeriFast™ IA technology has many unique & beneficial features derived from its core principles of operation and the materials and techniques used in its construction.
  • Extreme accuracy - The VeriFast™ IA system has an extremely high measurement resolution. When considering system signal noise, the practical resolution is 0.0009” (0.02 mm), enabling the system to detect minute changes in process conditions effectively.
  • VeriFast™ IA weld bodies are wired directly to the control system without the need for a Signal Conditioner, making the installation process faster and easier.
  • Unaffected by foreign matter such as grease, oil, water and weld dust. The IA coil is contained inside the CenterLine weld body.
  • Extended mechanical life - There is no contact between the core and coil of the VeriFast™ IA; no parts can rub together or wear out. This results in lower maintenance costs and extended mechanical life.
  • Environmentally robust - Internal shield minimizes the effects of external AC or DC fields. Both the casing of the coil and the core are made of corrosion-resistant metals.
  • Standard Solutions - VeriFast™ IA is available in a large assortment of styles and weld body sizes to support process requirements.
  • Robust low-pressure molded connector.