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OHMA FlexFast™ Clinch Press

OHMA FlexFast Clinch PressThe OHMA FlexFast™ Clinch Press is the perfect union between several of CenterLine's flagship products, the OHMA Cylinder, the OHMA Press, and the FlexFast (flexible fastener) machine.  

The OHMA FlexFast Clinch Press is designed to be used for operator-loaded parts that require clinch fastener installation. Utilizing the standard C-frame style design from the basic OHMA Press, we have incorporated the same modular design principles for tooling and safety as on a projection welding FlexFast machine allowing for a wide range of custom clinching applications.  

The OHMA FlexFast Clinch Press can be used for both self-pierce and pre-pierced fastener installation. The standard OHMA FlexFast Clinch Press can be configured with a variety of fastener feeding options to help reduce cycle time based on the application and part geometry.  


  • Configurable tonnage of 4-70 tons, special applications up to 200 tons.
  • Slug detection capable - for self-piercing applications 
  • OHMA cylinder has a soft-touch, non-shock approach to the workpiece 
    • 1/4" or 1/2" high-force work stroke 
    • Low-cost ability to monitor the process by monitoring intensification pressure 
  • Can utilize Upper Clinch nut system, QFP, or spear feeders.  
  • Option to equip with CLCS for process monitoring/setup 
  • Configurable for nut or stud applications 
  • Available with VeriFast™ IA fastener detection