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Donald Beneteau Centre of Excellence

The Donald Beneteau Centre of Excellence is a technical learning and demonstration centre located in CenterLine (Windsor) Limited's corporate headquarters. This is a working welding lab and training facility used to develop skills in various metal joining technologies, including resistance welding, fastener welding, GMAW, and seam welding. This site is also used for robotics and automation programming training, weld process development and pre-production prototype part welding. Many of CenterLine's industry-leading equipment and controls suppliers have contributed directly to the creation of the Donald Beneteau Centre of Excellence to ensure access to the latest in equipment and controls. 

Donald Beneteau Centre of Excellence floor plan

The technology cells include:

1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Cell: Automated Gas Metal Arc Welding
2. Resistance Welding Robotic Cell: Automated Resistance Spot Welding
3. Hanging Gun Cell: Manual Resistance Spot Welding
4. FlexFast Standard Welder: Projection Welding
5. Roll Spot Welder: Seam Welding
6. Press Welder AC: Heavy Duty Projection Welding
7. Weld Test Bench Area: Resistance Welding