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OHMA™ Clinch Press

The OHMA™ Clinch Press is a compact, stationary press that is designed for easy integration into robotic cells for clinch fastener installation. Equipped with an OHMA™ cylinder that is configurable from 4-70 tons the OHMA™ Clinch Press can be used across a wide range of applications.

The OHMA™ Clinch Press can be used for self-pierce or pre-pierced fastener installation. The standard OHMA™ Clinch Press can be configured with a variety of fastener feeding options to help reduce cycle time based on the application and part geometry.


  • Configurable tonnage of 4-70 tons, and for special applications up to 200 tons.
  • Slug detection capable - for self-piercing applications 
  • OHMA™ cylinder has soft-touch, non-shock approach to workpiece 
    • 1/4" or 1/2" high-force work stroke 
    • Lowcost ability to monitor the process by monitoring intensification pressure 
  • Can utilize Upper Clinch nut system, QFP or spear feeders.  
  • Configurable for nut or stud applications 
  • Available with VeriFast™ IA fastener detection 
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