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SoftMount™ Clinch Press

Improve uptime for fastener installation in robotic automation cells.

The SoftMount™ Clinch Press solutions are pre-engineered, supplied complete, and tested with 3D models and documentation for easy integration. These configured products save design, build, and commissioning time, as well as floor space.

The SoftMount™ Clinch Press is a robust solution for automated fastener installation, and capable of being integrated into CenterLine’s High Speed Fastener Solution™ (HSFS) robotic production cells.

This system is available in two configurations:

  • Inverted Feed Process (IFP) - For nut applications
  • Standard Feed Process (SFP) - For nut and stud applications

Standard Features

The SoftMount™ Clinch Press uses compact, compliant tooling that allows the press to mechanically fine adjust its position to a stamped hole.

The tooling’s ability to float ensures that the press produces consistent and concentric fastener installation. 


  • Floating tooling adjusts itself to the hole in the stamping eliminating nuisance faults from the stamping getting hung up on the clinch pin.
  • No need to use 2/4-way locators to locate stampings.
  • Presses are configurable across a wide range of tonnage from 4-70 tons.
  • All presses are equipped with VeriFast™ IA Fastener Detection for quality monitoring (resolution 0.02mm) and clinch set down.
  • Uses the industry standard OHMA™ cylinder with a soft-touch, non-shock approach to the workpiece and a 0.25-0.50” high force work stroke.
  • Advance and working strokes of the OHMA™ cylinder are adjustable with regulators.
  • IFP configuration utilizes CenterLine’s Quick Fastener Placement (QFP) unit to bury the fastener load time, decreasing cycle time.
  • The SFP configuration utilizes a spear feeder for fastener loading.
  • An LPT is used to measure actuator travel.