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Cold Spray - SST™ Equipment & Supplies

Cold Spray is a solid state spraying process that is used to apply metallic coatings onto various metallic or non-metallic substrates. CenterLine's Supersonic Spray Technologies Division (SST) is at the forefront of supplying equipment, supplies and process development for commercial applications of Cold Spray.
This technology is suitable for a wide range of industries that require precise application of coatings Series EP Cold Spray system to satisfy applications such as:

  • Metal Restoration and Sealing
  • Thermal Barrier needs
  • Thermal Dissipation
  • Wear Resistant Coatings
  • Electrically Conductive Coatings
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Biocompatible/Bioactive Coatings

Advantages of Cold Spray include:

  • Low-temperature process
  • Very low oxidation
  • Little to no effect on temperature-sensitive grain structures (i.e., nano-structured, Amorphous)
  • Favorable compressive residual stresses
  • Ability to produce gradient deposits
  • High density, low porosity coatings (typically <0.5 %)
  • Minimal substrate distortion at thicknesses as low as 0.005"
  • Minimum surface preparation needs

Visit our Supersonic Spray Technologies website to learn more about this outstanding technology and to find out how CenterLine's Cold Spray can help you improve, maintain, or salvage your component parts.

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Examples of SST Cold Spray processes