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    CenterLine Launches KapTec™

    KapTec SystemPosted December 4, 2020

    CenterLine is proud to officially announce the launch of a new product to our CenterLine Product Family. CenterLine’s KapTec™ is designed to automate the cap maintenance across a wide variety of applications. It is designed to dress caps and automate the cap changing process.

    CenterLine is proud to be the only manufacturer of a self-contained, fully automated cap dressing and cap changer unit for the Single Ped or Dual Ped Guns. From robot carried guns to dual ped gun applications, the KapTec™ system is a solution for all cap servicing needs. Compared to manual cap changes KapTec™ offers improved uptime, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved electrode adapter life.

    The KapTec™ Product Family includes: Basic Unit, Carried, Carried Lite, Single Ped Gun with KapTec™, and Dual Ped Gun with KapTec™.

    Read the full press release here.