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Welding Guns

Resistance spot welding gun technology has advanced considerably since the introduction of the Transgun, transformer weld gun package. As a pioneer in the development of the Transgun, CenterLine has introduced numerous welding advancements and continues to play a key role in spot welding gun technology development over the past 40 years.

Today, advanced manufacturing systems demand robotic welding guns that are adaptable to a wide range of application conditions while remaining efficient, robust, and able to consistently produce high-quality welds.

CenterLine satisfies these needs with the FlexGun family of spot welding guns. This collection of weld gun designs reflects CenterLine's cumulative experience in resistance welding and provides manufacturers with one of the most practical and reliable weld gun products available today.

All CenterLine spot welding gun designs are based on CenterLine's low-impact/non-shock design philosophy. This basic design principle ensures that all CenterLine spot welding guns operate to:
  • Decrease shock and vibration to the welding gun and machinery to reduce equipment wear and maximize uptime.
  • Reduce operating costs by maximizing consumable life.
  • Minimize electrode skidding and misalignment for improved weld quality.
Standard, interchangeable components result in spot welding gun designs that can be easily serviced, maintained and reduce overall spare part requirements. CenterLine can assist in selecting spot welding gun packages for any project requirement to ensure that your weld quality and project cost objectives are met.

FlexGun Spot Welding Products include the following families:

Projection Welding Guns: FlexGun™ Spot Welding Products, limited availability: Our FlexGun™ family offers a solution for all your spot welding applications.

Our designers are known for their ability to design weld guns for challenging workpiece geometries. We insource all weld gun manufacturing to have control over the entire process to ensure a quality long-lasting weld gun.