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Welding Guns

CenterLine designs and manufactures a broad range of spot welding gun solutions in both standard and custom configurations. Our "transgun" designs deliver efficiency, reliability, and weld quality consistency to any production resistance welding need whether it be robotic, fixture or portable handheld requirement.
All CenterLine spot welding gun designs are based on CenterLine's low-impact/non-shock design philosophy. This basic design principle ensures that all CenterLine spot welding guns operate to:

  • Decrease shock and vibration to the welding gun and machinery to reduce equipment wear and maximize uptime.
  • Reduce operating cost by maximizing consumable life.
  • Minimize electrode skidding and misalignment for improved weld quality.
Standard, interchangeable components result in spot welding gun designs that can be easily serviced and maintained and reduce overall spare part requirements. CenterLine can assist in selecting spot welding gun packages for any project requirement to ensure that your weld quality and project cost objectives are met.

CenterLine's spot welding gun family of products include:
  • FlexGun™ 3 - Newest weld gun family; robust construction, and improved design flexibility allow for the quick change of gun components.
  • SoftMount™ Gun - Ideal for projection welding robotic applications, allows for improved fastener loading times
  • FlexGun™ - A family of modular spot welding guns that are available in three styles: Standard, RA (robotic assembly) and UL (ultra-light).
  • VOLTZA® Transguns - Copper cast custom spot welding guns available in Pinch, C and Nut Welding configurations. 
  • Custom Spot Welding Guns - Customer designed and specified welding guns that are manufactured by CenterLine to exact customer specifications.  
  • Spot Welding Gun Accessories.
Contact us directly if you require more information on our complete range of welding gun packages and to discuss your next welding application.