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FlexGun™ 3

The FlexGun 3 welding guns have a robust construction and offer improved design flexibility to allow for future changes within the tool design or the product. The flexibility of the FlexGun 3 design allows for a quick change of gun components and easy access for maintenance needs.

Key Advantages

  • Identical modular gun base-body components for C and Pinch style guns.
  • Common gun body for aluminum and steel applications.
  • Range of 100 kVA to 225 kVA MFDC transformers (AC available on request).
  • Heavy duty force capability with large throat geometries.
  • Optimized part interchangeability between C and Pinch styles.
  • Arm and adapter designs leverage existing standardized libraries to minimize types of arms and adapters. These features contribute to more convenient maintenance and spare part management.
  • Integrated robot bracket.
  • Total number of components reduced by 30% from the previous gun family.
  • Wrought high-strength aluminum used as gun body material to enable high welding forces up to 16 kN.
  • Servo and transformer are not structural components of the gun body. If these components require service, they can be removed without taking apart the gun, which simplifies maintenance.
  • 30 mm dual-guided rod design on C Gun contributes to less deflection under higher loads.

Key Features

  • Weld force up to 10 kN C Gun, 16 kN Pinch Gun.
  • Symmetrical bodies – no LH or RH versions.
  • The same shunts are used on C Gun and Pinch Gun styles.
  • Base models start at 100 kg.
  • Aluminum arms have adaptive feedback connection points as standard.
  • Four (4) integrated robot mounting options (included): LH, RH, Top, Bottom.
  • Usable throats available up to 1200mm for Pinch Guns and 600 mm for C Guns.
  • ISO “S” frame transformers, 100 kVA through 225 kVA  MFDC (size 2 through 6).
  • Optimized for use with roller screw servo actuator, 5 mm or 10 mm pitch.