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Welding Automation - CenterLine Romania

Shaping the future
Centerline Romania has experienced 10 years of successful partnerships in various fields, prone to product development, development of ancillary testing and dedicated transport solutions, automation in the design and analysis of the tolerances. Our customers have shown trust in our skills and thus represents the best reference for the services provided. Equipment designed by Centerline Romania are used for the production of successful automotive models like Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Mercedes M-Class, Ford Mustang, Ford F150.

We're forward thinkers
Currently, we work together with our customers to develop designs and prototypes for new products used in welding automation for the automotive industry, test benches for welding equipment, sheet metal processing and many other. We also develop design automation methods and models for these lines of products.

We will also contribute with our design work to the lines of vehicles that will be launched on the worldwide markets in the future. Recently, new types of projects have been added to our portfolio – design of equipment and installation upgrades for the pollutants reduction programs in the cement plants. Our professionals are equipped with state of the art workstations, CAD, FE Modeling and Analysis software. In order to give to its customers a competitive edge, CenterLine Romania has developed working procedures in computer-aided Engineering by investigating new methods and techniques.

The projects we complete are defined by the following attributes:

  •    cost reduction
  •    conceptual design
  •    preliminary and detail design
  •    configuration
  •    structural analysis
  •    product development
  •    project management