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The Team - CenterLine Romania

CenterLine Romania is located in Brasov, Romania's Development Center Region, a city with a prestigious technical university and a dynamic industry. This contributed to our ability to recruit and retain valuable resources in engineering science. Our active involvement in CenterLine Holding Inc. activities and our independent accomplishment of major industrial projects for prestigious multinational companies such as General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Ford prove our qualification and competence.

Partnership for Success
Since its inception, our organization proved its capacity to respond to all the challenges raised by the projects in which it was involved. Quality, rigorousness, and innovation are the main attributes of our activities. All those allow us to keep our promises to transform customer projects into achievements.

The foundation of our expertise is based on the individual talent of team members and on their ability to incorporate it into the customer project success.

Our organization offers our clients quick access to the competences of a professional team. Highly skilled in multiple domains and motivated to prove their talent, CenterLine Romania team members have the full commitment and dedication to reach their targets.