VeriFast™ LVDT

The VeriFast™ LVDT system is designed to determine if a fastener or part is present and in the correct orientation during welding applications. Its high-resolution sensing capabilities, the speed of operation, low maintenance requirements and ease of integration into existing processes makes it the ideal solution for demanding nut and stud welding applications.

Transition to VeriFast™ IA

As of August 15, 2023, the VeriFast™ LVDT product family has entered the ``Limited Availability`` phase.

During this phase, no further product development will occur for the VeriFast™ LVDT family, except in cases of critical safety or service issues. The VeriFast™ IA (Integrated Amplifier) product family is the successor product. We will continue to manufacture and service existing LVDT weld bodies and Signal Conditioners for 5-10 years, contingent upon supply availability.

Why migrate from VeriFast™ LVDT to VeriFast™ IA?

  • Identical Mechanical Dimensions. VeriFast™ IA weld bodies maintain the same mechanical dimensions as LVDT weld bodies. A VeriFast™ LVDT weld body can be upgraded to an IA to take advantage of the benefits.
  • Enhanced Design. VeriFast™ IA boasts design improvements that improve reliability and reduce integration time and maintenance.
  • Reduced Installation Time. VeriFast™ IA does not require a Signal Conditioner, which simplifies the installation and integration time. They can be wired directly to analog field blocks.
  • No Calibration. The VeriFast™ IA weld body has an integrated Signal Conditioner that is pre-calibrated. No re-calibration is required.
  • Reduce Operational Costs. VeriFast™ IA’s one-piece weld pin design is robust and less expensive.
  • IA MicroView. New versions are available for seamless integration with IA weld bodies.

Click here If you would like to know more about the VeriFast™ IA.

Why use a VeriFast™ LVDT?

VeriFast™ LVDT technology has significant features and benefits, most of which are derived from its fundamental and physical principles of operation or from the materials and techniques used in its construction.
  • Extreme accuracy

    The LVDT system has an extremely high measurement resolution. When taking into consideration system signal noise, the practical resolution is 0.0009” (0.02 mm) which enables the system to effectively detect minute changes in process conditions.

  • Unaffected by foreign matter such as grease, oil, water and weld dust

    The LVDT coil is contained inside CenterLine’s extended body ‘S’ series 2, 3 or 4 weld bodies.

  • Longer mechanical life

    There is no contact between the LVDT’s core and coil structure, normally no parts can rub together or wear out.

  • Environmentally robust

    Internal high-permeability magnetic shield minimizes the effects of external AC or DC fields. Both the case and core are made of corrosion resistant metals.

  • Standard solutions

    The VeriFast™ LVDT is engineered specifically for integration into CenterLine weld bodies.

  • Weld bodies

    The VeriFast™ LVDT comes in various weld body styles to suit your application needs.

Detection Capabilities

The VeriFast™ LVDT can be used to detect the following conditions: Weld pin extended position (system ready to load part and fastener)
  • Weld proceed (presence and correct fastener or part orientation)
  • Weld pin retracted
  • Nut is upside down
  • No fastener detected
  • No part detected
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View our VeriFast™ Error Detection capability video

The VeriFast™ LVDT must be used with a CenterLine Signal Conditioner. An outline drawing is available in the Related Documents section below.

View the VeriFast™ LVDT Nut Detection brochure available in the Related Documents section below for additional information. This section also includes downloadable compressed file folders containing CAD models for the LVDT Series 2, 3 and 4 electrode bodies.

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