Welding Cylinders/Actuators

CenterLine's Weld Series Actuators are designed for optimal weld quality and ease of use. All designs are based on CenterLine's soft-touch operating principle which enables the actuators to advance to the workpiece with minimal impact and then intensify to the required weld force.

Main Features

  • Protects workpiece geometry
  • Extends electrode life by minimizing electrode mushrooming and maintaining electrode alignment
  • Simplifies machinery designs by reducing the need for additional clamps and fixturing
  • Provides users with actuators that have a wide operating range to enable adjustments as part and process conditions change

The available CenterLine weld cylinders/actuators are:

OHMA™ Air over Oil Weld Cylinders

Compact, high force; they satisfy heavy gauge resistance welding needs and are the most versatile and practical weld cylinder systems available in the market.

CenterLine Servo Actuators

Proprietary weld gun actuators designed to adapt to many servo motor brands; they offer the benefits of servo driven weld applications without the need for a dedicated robot.

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