FlexGun™ 3

The FlexGun™ 3 family of spot welding guns' modular design supports MFDC transformers from 100 to 225 kVA, to cover a wide range of materials, from steel, high-strength steel, to aluminum.

Robust Construction and Modular Flexibility

This collection of weld gun designs reflects CenterLine’s cumulative experience in resistance welding and provides manufacturers with one of the most practical and reliable weld gun products available today.

Gun base-bodies for both the C and Pinch style guns are designed for heavy duty cycles and support large throat geometries selected from our standard arm and adapter library. The FlexGun™ 3 has protective covers that are quick and easy to remove, allowing access for maintenance.

Our weld gun designers are known for creating custom weld guns for challenging workpiece and tooling geometries. We insource all our weld gun manufacturing to control the entire process and ensure a quality, long-lasting weld gun.

Key Advantages

  • Identical modular gun base-body components for C and Pinch style guns.
  • Common gun body for aluminum and steel applications.
  • Range of 100 kVA to 225 kVA MFDC transformers (AC available on request).
  • Heavy duty force capability with large throat geometries.
  • Optimized part interchangeability between C and Pinch styles.
  • Arm and adapter designs leverage existing standardized libraries to minimize types of arms and adapters. These features contribute to more convenient maintenance and spare part management.
  • Integrated robot bracket.
  • Total number of components was reduced by 30% from the previous gun family.
  • Wrought high-strength aluminum is used as gun body material to enable high welding forces up to 16 kN.
  • Servo and transformer are not structural components of the gun body. If these components require service, they can be removed without taking apart the gun, which simplifies maintenance.
  • 30 mm dual-guided rod design on C Gun contributes to less deflection under higher loads.
FlexGun™  3

The FlexGun™ 3 is also available as part of a patented PedTec™ pedestal mounted solution, integrated with our KapTec™ Weld Cap Maintenance station. PedTec™ Integrated Solutions are pre-engineered, tested, and supplied complete, with 3D models and documentation for easy integration. These configured products save design, build, commissioning time, and floor space.

Key Features

  • Weld force up to 10 kN C Gun, 16 kN Pinch Gun.
  • Symmetrical bodies – no LH or RH versions.
  • The same shunts are used on C Gun and Pinch Gun styles.
  • Base models start at 100 kg.
  • Aluminum arms have adaptive feedback connection points as standard.
  • Four (4) integrated robot mounting options (included): LH, RH, Top, Bottom.
  • Usable throats available up to 1200 mm for Pinch Guns and 600 mm for C Guns.
  • ISO “S” frame transformers, 100 kVA through 225 kVA  MFDC (size 2 through 6).
  • Optimized for use with roller screw servo actuator, 5 mm or 10 mm pitch.
FlexGun™  3

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