KapTec™ Weld Cap Maintenance

CenterLine’s KapTec™ product family is designed to automate cap maintenance across a wide variety of applications. It is designed to dress caps and automate the cap changing process.

Cap Maintenance Systems

CenterLine is the only manufacturer of a self-contained, fully automated cap dressing and cap changer unit for Single or Dual Pedestal mounted weld guns, that do not require a robot. KapTec™ offers solutions for all your weld cap servicing needs including robot carried weld guns to Single and Dual Pedestal mounted weld guns.

Compared to manual cap changes, KapTec™ offers:

  • Improved uptime
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Improved electrode adapter life

Standard Features

  • Modular design improves serviceability; core components are common across the entire KapTec™ product line.
  • Integrated cap presence detection to verify correct cap removal and installation.
  • Extracted cap collection with easy removal.
  • Available in Dresser-only configuration.
  • Compact design minimizes floor space requirements.
  • Integrated magazine cover is included; caps are protected from expulsion and debris to ensure the caps are clean when installed on the weld gun adapters.

KapTec™ Integration with PedTec™ Solutions

PedTec™ Solutions are pre-engineered, supplied complete, and fully tested, with 3D models and documentation for easy integration. These configured products save on design, build, and commissioning time, as well as floor space.

PedTec ™ pedestal-mounted weld guns are available as Single and Dual weld gun solutions. They accommodate various gun styles which can be mounted with different heights, angles, and orientations to meet your process requirements.

Pedestal-mounted FlexGun™ 3 and FlexGun™ Ultra weld guns, when integrated with KapTec™ weld cap maintenance, offer ready-to-integrate solutions.

CenterLine is the only manufacturer of both robot-mounted weld guns and patented pedestal-mounted weld guns with integrated Weld Cap Maintenance Stations to increase welds/minute, cell uptime, and weld cap life.

KapTec™ Drawing


  • Common core components minimize spare parts inventory.
  • Improve machine/cell uptime.
  • Minimize operator exposure to the inside of the cell.
  • Improved electrode adapter life (no manual cap removal).
  • Gentle cap extraction with no requirement for a robot or gun intervention.
  • Magazines require to be reloaded only once a week. Patented high-capacity weld cap magazines hold 32 caps.
  • Quick Magazine exchange for offline refilling.
  • Magazine insert can be stocked and easily installed if magazine finger or tongue are damaged during operation.

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