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CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda* is a manufacturing, sales and service support facility for standard CenterLine equipment and components purchased by South American based customers.

CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda*, founded in 2010, is a private company located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We build custom automated welding and assembly lines as well as standard brand products for fastener welding, resistance welding (steel, high-strength steel, hot-stamped steel, and aluminum), metal joining, and metal forming applications. CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda has recognized knowledge in welding and process automation applied to the Automotive, Agribusiness, and General Industries segments.

This operation provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Consumable electrode, weld gun and modular welding machine component manufacturing, sales and support
  • Spare part inventory support and emergency supply
  • Wellness audits
  • Resistance welding training for Engineering and Maintenance Personnel
  • Project management/coordination

CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda is NBR ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

For additional information on our CenterLine Brazil Location, please visit our website at

CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda
Rod. BR 280 KM 43, n.º 501,
Bairro Poço Grande, Cidade de Guaramirim – SC
P.O Box: n.º 57
Cep: 89270-000

To submit resume:

General: +55 47 3085-8300
Financial HR: +55 47 3085-8301
Sales : +55 47 3085-8303
Email :
Purchasing: +55 47 3085-8305 / +55 47 3085-8306

*CenterLine Brasil Solda e Automação Ltda is a CenterLine Holdings company. 

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