High Speed Fastener Solution™ (HSFS)

CenterLine's High Speed Fastener Solution™ (HSFS) is a configurable cell comprised of several CenterLine configured products. These can include one or more of the following: PinPoint™ Solution, SoftMount™ Gun, and FlexFast™ HD Window Welder.

The advantages of a flexible HSFS:

  • The PinPoint™ Solution offers the flexibility to feed many different workpieces into the cell without the need for costly workpiece holding fixtures.
  • The PinPoint™ Solution provides a workpiece buffer allowing the operator time to do other tasks. The HSFS cell can continue to run through breaks and lunch. (Disconnects operator from the cadence of the machine.)
  • Integrated pattern matching camera for workpiece verification.
  • The robot can pick more than one workpiece at the same time.
  • The SoftMount™ Gun Inverted Feed Process (IFP) has built-in compliance to locate the workpiece while the fastener is loaded to the lower electrode, reducing cycle time.
  • The robot presents the workpiece to the SoftMount™ Gun on various planes, no part fixturing is required.
  • Multiple SoftMount™ Guns can have a different fastener, providing flexibility to handle many different workpieces.
  • Only complete workpieces are dropped onto the finished part exit conveyor, eliminating parts with missing fasteners.
  • New workpieces can be added to the cell without costly conveyor part fixture changes.
  • Other processes like drawn arc studs, clinch fastener press, part marking, etc. can be integrated into the cell.
  • The FlexFast™ HD Window Welder with a wide opening can be fixtured to weld many small workpieces.

The HSFS is a compact design that consolidates manually operated projection welders into one cell, saving labour and floor space.

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