CenterLine's FlexFast™ Welder is capable of satisfying fastener welding applications requiring up to 8000 lbs (35.5 kN) of weld force. The FlexFast™ is the most adaptable and practical resistance welder available to industry today.

The FlexFast™ is well suited to all forms of fastener welding (nut and stud). It can also easily satisfy other joining needs and be installed as either a dedicated station or as part of a fully automated production system; you decide.

Several innovative standard and optional features make the FlexFast™ the smart choice for your resistance welding needs; these include:

  • Common frame design for all FlexFast™ models
    A modular platform enables the FlexFast™ family of welders to be offered in a wide range of configurations. It is designed to easily accommodate nut feeding, sensing components, and other automation features to customize the welder.
  • Quick change services
    The tool-less quick change enables tooling and electrode changeover in less than 5 minutes including service connections. Lightweight fixture design eliminates the need for change over lift assist (application dependent). Many platen sizes for single or multiple part needs.
  • Single or dual, MFDC transformers
    To satisfy virtually any nut weld application. Simplifies upgrades and modifications that may be required for new applications or programs.
  • Component options from industry leading suppliers
    Transformers, controls, plumbing and valving brands can be supplied to match existing plant specifications.
  • Fully compliant with ISO, OSHA and CSA standards
    Robust, dependable and proven design features that meet or exceed established industry standards.
  • Low impact operation
    Reduces part damage/scrap, minimizes equipment and tooling wear, improves the life of weld consumables.
  • Accommodates manual or robotic integration
  • Incorporates CenterLine’s VeriFast™ fastener detection technology
  • Robust construction and modular design enables re-tooling for new projects
  • Over 1000 FlexFast™ welders built
CenterLine FlexFast

Fastener Welding Excellence

With the FlexFast™, CenterLine has redefined modular welding machine designs and created a turnkey product that can be as flexible or dedicated as you need. Whether you are integrating the base model or configuring a custom welder with CenterLine's wide choice of available options, the FlexFast™ Welder is your solution to virtually any welding need.

FlexFast™ Welder Comparison Chart

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