PedTec™ Integrated Solutions

PedTec™ Solutions are pre-engineered, completely supplied, fully tested with 3D models and documentation for easy integration. These configured products are plug-and-play solutions that save design, build, commissioning time, and floor space.

Pedestal Mounted Spot Weld Guns with Integrated KapTec™ Cap Maintenance Solutions

PedTec™ standardized solutions (WG750 single stand and DW500 dual stand) are designed for CenterLine’s FlexGun™ 3 and FlexGun™ Ultra and supplied with integrated KapTec™ Weld Cap Maintenance. The stands will accommodate most spot weld guns.

PedTec™ Clevis and Risers allow for mounting guns at angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees and heights up to 1,000 mm. Weld guns can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

CenterLine is the only manufacturer of both robot-mounted weld guns and patented pedestal-mounted weld guns with integrated Cap Maintenance Stations in order to increase production uptime, weld adaptor life, and reduce maintenance requirements.

FlexGun™ Projection Welding is available in both Inverted Feed Process (IFP) and Standard Feed Process (SFP) and is also available as an integrated solution. The SoftMount™ Gun is the preferred solution for robotic projection welding.

Key Benefits

  • CenterLine’s PedTec™ Weld Gun Stands and Accessories are a series of pre-engineered components that can be easily assembled to create a wide range of robust weld gun mounting pedestals. It saves the integrator’s design, build, and commissioning time.
  • Highly configurable for different gun geometries and compatible with a wide range of gun options.
  • These pre-engineered configurable products are proven solutions that reduce risk.
  • The weld gun pivots from the process to the cap dresser, which saves cycle time, is safer, and requires less floor space.
  • High-capacity weld cap magazines hold 32 caps, which requires reloading weld caps once a week. This further reduces production downtime and maintenance frequency.
  • Our North American service organization provides integration, support, and emergency services.

PedTec™ Configurations

Pedestal Mount Spot Weld Gun Solutions:

  • Single Spot Weld Gun with integrated weld cap dresser.
  • Dual Spot Weld Guns with built-in Equalizing and integrated weld cap dresser.
  • KapTec Robot Carried Lite for weld cap changing.

Pedestal Mount FlexGun Projection Welding Solutions

Pedestal Mount FlexGun Projection Welding Solutions provide the following configurations:

  • Single or Dual Projection Welding Guns with Inverted Feed Process (IFP) – For nut applications
  • Single or Dual Projection Welding Guns with Standard Feed Process (SFP) – For nut and stud applications
Single Projection Welding Gun SFP

Single Projection Welding Gun SFP

Single Projection Welding Gun IFP

Single Projection Welding Gun IFP

PedTec™ Stands and Accessories

CenterLine’s PedTec™ Stands and Accessories provide optimum options if you prefer to integrate your own pedestal solution. It saves lead time, integration cost, and can be easily integrated with most welding gun styles to create a wide range of robust integrated solutions.

PedTec™ Stands and Accessories include:
  • Weld Gun Stands: WG 500, WG 750, WG 1,000 and DW 500
  • General Purpose Stands: GP 700
  • Tooling Stands: TS 700 x 560, TS 700 x 1,000
  • Fastener Feeder Stands: FS 400
  • Post Riser:

    • 6 in x 6 in Risers for WG Stands: 200 mm high, 400 mm high, and 600 mm high
    • 4 in x 4 in Risers for Gp700 Stands: 200 mm high, 400 mm high, and 600 mm high

  • Clevis Bracket: 0°, 15°, 22°, 30°, and 45°
  • Cap Dresser Mount: to mount a variety of different cap dresser

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