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CenterLine (Windsor) Limited
Corporate Video 2024

CenterLine OYAP Program 2022

CenterLine partners with the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program where students get a hands-on experience working at the CenterLine facilities.

VeriFast™ LVDT Error Detection

The VeriFast™ LVDT system is designed to determine if a fastener or part is present and in the correct orientation during welding applications.

Supersonic Spray Technologies 2021

CenterLine’s Supersonic Spray Technologies Division (SST) develops and markets cold spray products and services for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries.

CenterLine Custom Machinery Time-lapse

The Machinery Division designed and built this fully automated assembly system in just over 120 days! This project is yet another example of what we can create for y

CenterLine PinPoint™ Solution

Intelligent Machine Tending CenterLine’s patented PinPoint Solution is a unique product supplied as a configurable solution to feed parts into robotic lines and cells.

Supersonic Spray Technologies 2021

The CenterLine Machinery Division is a complete single-source solutions provider of custom automated assembly systems and related machinery integration components.

FlexGun™ UL

The FlexGun™ UL is an ultra-lightweight weld gun that is part of CenterLine’s FlexGun™ family of gun packages. With integrated robot mounting, superior strength to weight ratio construction, and ultra-compact size, it is the right choice for high-density production needs.

CenterLine HSFS

From operator load to finished part, we have simplified and streamlined every part of the welding process to provide high quality and high throughput in a fraction of the time of standard welding solutions with our patented High-Speed Fastener Welding System.

CenterLine Electrodes

CenterLine is a recognized leader in the manufacturing and supply of resistance welding consumables. It offers a variety of standard and custom electrode products that satisfy North American and European standards.


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