Fastener Weld Detection

CenterLine has combined its proven nut and stud welding technology with the latest in fastener detection systems to develop the VeriFast™ family of products.
As of August 15, 2023, the VeriFast™ LVDT product family has entered the “Limited Availability” phase.

During this phase, no further product development will occur for the VeriFast™ LVDT family, except in cases of critical safety or service issues. The VeriFast™ IA (Integrated Amplifier) product family is the successor product. We will continue to manufacture and service existing LVDT weld bodies and Signal Conditioners for 5-10 years, contingent upon supply availability.

Why migrate from VeriFast™ LVDT to VeriFast™ IA?

  • Identical Mechanical Dimensions. VeriFast™ IA weld bodies maintain the same mechanical dimensions as LVDT weld bodies. A VeriFast™ LVDT weld body can be upgraded to an IA to take advantage of the benefits.
  • Enhanced Design. VeriFast™ IA boasts design improvements that improve reliability and reduce integration time and maintenance.
  • Reduced Installation Time. VeriFast™ IA does not require a Signal Conditioner, which simplifies the installation and integration time. They can be wired directly to analog field blocks.
  • No Calibration. The VeriFast™ IA weld body has an integrated Signal Conditioner that is pre-calibrated. No re-calibration is required.
  • Reduce Operational Costs. VeriFast™ IA’s one-piece weld pin design is robust and less expensive.
  • IA MicroView. New versions are available for seamless integration with IA weld bodies.

The VeriFast™ nut/stud detection systems can sense a range of potential weld fault conditions and provide weld controls with real-time feedback that identifies conditions that fall outside programmed weld process parameters.

The system is available in three configurations:

Watch our Weld Fastener Monitoring Best Practices webinar below.

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