Fastener Welding

The introduction of Fastener Welding & Clinching marks a substantial advancement in CenterLine's already top-performing technology, aligning with the company's core mission of creating innovative solutions that empower customers to surpass their operational, customer, and profitability objectives, while mitigating potential risks and stress.

High Speed Fastener Solution™

CenterLine’s High Speed Fastener Solution™ (HSFS) is a configurable cell comprised of several CenterLine configured products. The HSFS can include one or more: PinPoint™ Solution, SoftMount™ Gun, SoftMount™ Clinch Press, OHMA™ Clinch Press, and FlexFast™ HD Window Welder.

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SoftMount Gun

SoftMount™ Gun

The SoftMount™ Gun is designed to mechanically fine adjust its position to a stamped hole to consistently projection weld a fastener. It is ideal for robot applications where part dimensions, hole locations, or tooling are slightly inconsistent.

Available in two configurations:

  • Standard Feed Process (SFP) for nuts & stud welding applications
  • Inverted Feed Process (IFP) for nut welding applications
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The FlexFast™ family of fastener welding machines offer the ultimate in flexibility, durability, and performance across a broad range of projection and resistance welding applications. The FlexFast™ welding packages can be easily customized to satisfy specific project and part requirements. With a long list of standard and optional features, the FlexFast™ and FlexFast™ Lite welders are the perfect solutions to your metal fabricating challenges.

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CenterLine FlexFast
FlexFast HD Window Welder with glass

FlexFast™ HD Window Welder

The new FlexFast™ HD Window Welder offers the features of the industry-tested FlexFast Family solutions, including flexibility, durability, and performance in a standard configured product. In addition, it provides significant production throughput and quality improvements.

  • 800 mm Platen & 1400 mm Platen.
  • Finished parts are ejected through the window, they do not return to the operator.
  • Window Frame will support large cylinders for welding large ring fasteners, 16000 lbs/70 kN Maximum Weld Force.
  • Integrated error-proofing to ensure quality projection welds.
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FlexGun™ Projection Welding

CenterLine’s family of Nut and Stud Welding gun packages are suitable for nearly any fastener welding need. Our extensive design library is divided into three basic style categories: Bench Type, C Type Inline and C Type 90°. The bench style guns are expressly designed for fastener welding and can be customized for various integration needs.

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Controlled Pulse Resistance Welding

Controlled Pulse Resistance Welding (CPRW)

Controlled Pulse Resistance Welding (CPRW) is a new projection welding process built on the fundamentals of resistance welding and MFDC machines but leverages technological advances to refine the process further and decrease variability in results.

New, advanced materials can sometimes be challenging to weld with conventional equipment. Differences in material compositions, strengths, hardness, and new coatings can increase demand on equipment and contribute to subpar results.

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