Nut and Stud Welding Electrodes

An extensive variety of nut and stud welding electrodes are supplied by CenterLine. Our high-quality designs and assembly styles provide numerous features and benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Accurate, on the center positioning of pilotless nuts provided automatically for process repeatability.
  • Insulated pin and sleeve to prevent pin arcing in the threads.
  • Unit converts from welding nuts to studs in seconds by removal of the pilot pin and/or changing the welding head.
  • Internal water cooling to reduce heat build-up and extend operating life.
  • Minimum maintenance to minimize downtime.
  • Proprietary sleeve design and double insulated coated pins allow the use of stainless steel pins when coated pins are not readily available thus staying in production longer.

Refer to our Fastener Weld Detection section for a reliable method to monitor the quality of the projection welding process.

Technical specifications for CenterLine electrodes can be found in the Electrodes Catalogue.

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