CenterLine Servo Actuators

This unique and versatile product reflects CenterLine's soft touch weld actuator design philosophy and offers customers a practical and flexible product choice.

Over the last decade, manufacturers have embraced the benefits associated with low impact welding operations. Increasingly, welding systems demand higher levels of control that require accurate and consistent process feedback.

Delivering precise process control in a practical and adaptable design envelope, the CenterLine Servo Actuators offer the following benefits:

High force without sacrificing speed

  • Matches the complete range of industry standard weld cylinder force requirements (over 4,000 lbf).
  • Eliminates any requirement to increase weld gun size in order to gain mechanical advantage for the actuator.
  • Allows use of existing gun designs.
  • Typical actuator speed of 250 mm/second (9.8 in/sec).


  • Same primary components used for “C” style and pinch style gun actuators.
  • Can be configured for various motor locations to support virtually all weld gun access requirements.
  • Minor component changes can provide longer than normal actuator strokes.
  • Accommodate a range of standard commercially available servo motor brands.
  • Tuning and configuration can be accomplished with minimal effort.
  • The motor can be changed without additional calibration or tuning.
  • Provides precise actuator force control throughout the entire stroke.
  • Can adapt to a standard motor matching the robot for optimum integration and operational effectiveness.

Practical Design

  • Belt drive and planetary roller screw design for quiet and trouble-free operation.
  • The planetary roller screw does not use ball bearings.
  • The drive nut can be disassembled from the screw and reinstalled without any tools.
  • Integral positive stop for establishing a gun open position.

The CenterLine Servo Actuator is supplied as a component of CenterLine welding gun packages and is not available as a stand-alone product.

The CenterLine Servo Actuator is a practical and effective solution to upgrading existing weld gun systems from pneumatic to servo operation. Contact us to discuss your servo welding needs today.

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