OHMA™ Piercing Cylinders

Innovative product design and attention to manufacturing detail are reflected in the OHMA™ cylinder system. CenterLine's family of air over oil intensifier piercing cylinders is used in a wide variety of industries to perform all types of metal forming applications.

The compact, non-shock, high force operation is ideal for space-limited applications and difficult to reach product orientations. Their proven design is recognized as perhaps the most practical and trouble-free intensifier cylinder design available today.

With only two moving parts, the OHMA™ cylinder is simple to install and operate and is easily serviceable to keep downtime to a minimum. CenterLine has maintained its use of an external, see-through fluid reservoir to supply fluid to the system because this configuration is the most reliable. Essentially it allows users to obtain immediate diagnostic information on the system’s operation by simply looking at the reservoir fluid levels and condition of the fluid. Self-contained designs are difficult to diagnose for system contamination or lack of fluid conditions until the system experiences failure. In comparison, the OHMA™ fluid reservoir system can alert users of possible contamination or fluid loss well before the system fails so that preventative measures can be carried out with minimal interruption to production schedules. The external fluid reservoir also allows for multiple OHMA™ Cylinders to be connected to a centrally located reservoir to simplify fluid replenishment needs.

Download the OHMA™ Piercing Cylinder Catalogue to learn more about available strokes and mounting styles.

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