FlexGun™ Standard

The FlexGun™ Standard group of welding guns are offered in Pinch and C Style equalizing formats and provide the largest range of gun throat sizes, weld forces, and actuator styles.

Special Order – designation denotes a restriction on new weld gun orders. Made-to-order weld gun availability and the price will be influenced by the order size. CenterLine will continue to support spare parts for these weld guns. The availability of third-party products is not guaranteed.

The FlexGun™ Standard group of welding guns are designed for:

  • High force weld conditions, typically 5350 to 13300 N (1200-3000 lbf).
  • Suitable for robotic or stationary applications.
  • Interchangeable actuators – servo, pneumatic, air/oil.
  • Range of arm style construction options to satisfy specific weld force needs.
  • Equalizing or non-equalizing options.
  • Accept transformers ranging from 55 to 136 KVA AC or 100-225 MFDC.

Main Features

  • Robust construction, minimal deflection.
  • Common sized modular body with optional arm designs.
  • Modular body used for both equalizing & nonequalizing pinch guns.
  • Unitized body cage design accommodates 55 to 136 KVA AC and 100-225 kVA  MFDC transformers and facilitates transformer access and serviceability.
  • Standard electrode consumables, valves, hosing, and sensors can be incorporated to meet existing customer specifications.
  • Common components across FlexGun™ family to reduce spare parts stocking requirements.
  • Wrought aluminum arms, copper arms and side plate design options offer superior strength-to-weight ratios.
  • Common actuator mounting for all actuator options.
  • Common robot mounting plate and bracket options for both Pinch and C-gun configurations.
  • Existing library of proven gun designs.

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