RSR Multi-Material Joining

RSR® is a patented single-step multi-material joining technology that provides manufacturers the ability to join a variety of material combinations, including aluminum castings and ultra-high strength steels.

Resistance Spot Riveting

CenterLine and Howmet Aerospace have partnered to develop the RSR® technology along with the Rivet Delivery System (RDS) to enable multi-material joining with widely used standard spot-welding equipment.

RSR® steel rivet joining aluminum and steel.

Aluminum RSR®

Aluminum RSR Rivet

Steel RSR®

Steel RSR Rivet

Flexibility Combinations

The RDS equipment has been designed to retrofit onto existing resistance spot welding equipment. This allows for the seamless transition from conventional RSW to joining dissimilar material combinations with RSR all with the same piece of equipment – within the same workpiece even.

RSR Flexibility Combinations
Learn about the RSR® Rivet Journey
RSR - Rivet Journey

Assembly Stages

RSR®'s patented single-step installation process allows for the joining of magnesium and aluminum to steel without the need for a pilot hole, reducing process complexity.

RSR Assembly Stages
RSR Product Variants
RSR Product Variants
RSR BIW Graphic

RSR and Other CenterLine Products

RSR® can be applied to several types of resistance spot welding machines and different rivet detection systems. At CenterLine, we have various products that you can match with RSR® for optimal spot-welding results.

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