OHMA™ Press

The OHMA™ press is ideal for performing a variety of metalworking applications including: piercing, self-pierce riveting, pierce-nut installation, coining, crimping, assembly, clamping, stamping, trimming, bending, tube flaring, marking, staking and forming.

The OHMA™ Presses are:

  • Available in 4, 8, 15, 32 and 70 ton styles
  • Suitable for production or prototype metal working needs
  • Designed for low impact approach to the work (soft-touch) and deliver 1/2″ of high force work stroke
  • Completely adjustable; low impact approach stroke and overall cycle time are set by you

Standard features include:

  • OHMA™ Piercing Cylinder
  • “C” Style Frame
  • Floor Stand
  • Anti-tie down electrical controls
  • Separate TIME adjustment for: advance stroke,
  • Separate FORCE adjustment for: advance stroke and work stroke

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