VeriFast™ MicroView

The VeriFast™ MicroView 1.0 is a stand-alone controller that allows simple integration of analog linear position sensing devices into resistance welding systems that require digital I/O. For each device, the user can teach up to four (4) linear positions and set independent upper/lower tolerance windows for each position.
The intuitive user interface allows for quick and easy control of all settings, while the solid-state design, standardized connectors, and IP67 rated enclosure meet or exceed the demands of industrial environments. The VeriFast™ MicroView 1.0 is a robust and straightforward solution for interfacing linear position sensors or other analog devices to nearly any control process.

Main Features

  • Two analog input channels
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 800 samples per second per channel
  • Up to 15 schedules available
  • For use with LVDT, LPT, or Laser sensors
  • 4.3” Resistive Touch LCD
  • 5 PNP outputs per channel (Pin Extended, At Weld Position, Set Down, Pin Retracted, Bypassed) with programmable tolerances
  • Onboard storage for over 500,000 readings per channel (roughly 14 weeks at 45,720 readings per week)
  • Real-time clock for weld data quality collection
  • USB port for downloading weld data to external USB storage
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Selectable display units (e.g., counts, mm, inch)
  • Multi-language support

Why use a VeriFast™ MicroView?

  • LVDT – Digital Solution
    As a replacement for the CenterLine Smart Electrode™, or for customers who do not want to work with the analog data from the Signal Conditioner.
  • Robotic Cell
    Digital outputs wired directly into robot cabinet to reduce processing time, simplify programming and wiring.
  • Stand Alone Pedestal Welder
    To enable digital outputs wired directly to PLC without requiring an analog card. Can be used for retrofitting LVDT, LPT and laser position detection.

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