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VeriFast™ Laser

The VeriFast™ Laser fastener detection system represents the combination of CenterLine’s nut and stud welding electrode expertise with industry proven sensing technology. The VeriFast™ system is a linear measurement device capable of detecting a number of critical assembly process variables such as fastener presence, orientation, and position.

This in-process monitoring capability allows you to track the quality and repeatability of your projection welding process to avoid incurring the costs of manufacturing parts that are out of specification.

Main Features

  • Able to sense the presence of a single fastener at the point of weld.
  • Capable of sensing piloted and non-piloted nuts and weld studs.The VeriFast™ Laser fastener detection system
  • Able to detect when the weld pin has returned to the home position (to verify system readiness to start a new cycle).
  • Position data is directly communicated from the Laser to the weld monitoring system by an analog voltage signal.
  • Detects mislocated, missing or improper weld nuts and studs.
  • Detects missing or misloaded parts/stampings. 
  • Fully integrated to CenterLine’s FlexFast™, FlexFast Lite, FlexFast Acrobat, and FlexGun™ welders.
  • Can adapt to most automated resistance welding systems.
  • Operable in any orientation.
  • Available in 50, 75 and 100 mm stroke lengths.
  • Accurate to ± .2mm (based on 50 mm stroke).
  • No need for external guarding.
  • Resists contamination, easily serviced.
  • Re-deployable over multiple programs/applications.
  • Requires 24 volts and a maximum of 50 psi air to operate.
  • Provides actual linear signal which can be calibrated to indicate the measurement.
The VeriFast™ system can be integrated into a variety of weld control systems. Since it is a data acquisition device, users have direct control of the data for use in developing advanced system metrics. CenterLine can assist in implementing the VeriFast system to ensure the right parameters are being monitored.