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Roll Spot Welders - SeamTec™

The SeamTec™ Welder is a practical seam welding system that is designed for ease of integration into roll mills, stand-alone or robotic seam welding applications. Its compact design allows for "on bed" mounting in roll mills adjacent to roll stand tooling and is ideal for tight, stand-alone machine applications.

The SeamTec™ Welder is available in three sizes: 

  • SEAMTEC 1200 is recommended for lighter applications (e.g., window sashes and light sections).
  • SEAMTEC 3000 & SEAMTEC 4000 can be used for heavier applications such as on bumpers and rails.
Advantages include:Options for both AC & MFDC.
  • Eliminates the need to "split" roll tooling into two mills.
  • No synchronization of drive speeds required between the mill and the welder.
  • Self-equalizing heads minimize force on the workpiece and provide automatic compensation for wheel wear or dressing.
  • Typical speeds of 20 - 35 fpm on most applications.
The SeamTec™ is available with integrated wheel dressers and internally cooled welding wheels.

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