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PedTec™ Stands

PedTec™ Weld Gun Accessories Stands are pre-engineered components that can be easily assembled to create a wide range of robust weld gun mounting pedestals.
These modular and economical building blocks are designed to reduce lead times and to The CenterLine PedTec weld gun accessory standaccommodate CenterLine’s family of welding gun styles, as well as other components such as tip dressers, cap changers, fastener sensors (VeriFast™ units) and feeders.

Features include:

  • accommodate most weld gun styles
  • weld gun mounting angles range from 0 to 45°
  • weld gun mounting heights up to 1000 mm
  • common base designs
  • forklift holes as well as a rear access hole for bolting access and cable storage
  • a reinforced upper flange
  • side surfaces for the mounting of components
The PedTec family of products includes several other styles of pre-engineered stands. Contact CenterLine to learn more.