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Cap Maintenance Systems

CenterLine’s KapTec™ product family is designed to automate cap maintenance across a wide variety of applications. It is designed to dress caps and automate the cap changing process.

CenterLine is the only manufacturer of a self-contained, fully automated cap dressing and cap changer unit for  Single Ped or Dual Ped Guns, that does not require a robot.

From robot carried guns to Dual Ped gun applications, the KapTec™ system is a solution for all cap servicing needs.
Compared to manual cap changes, KapTec offers:
  • improved uptime
  • reduced maintenance requirements
  • improved electrode adapter life

Standard Features

  • Modular design improves serviceability; core components are common across the entire KapTec™ product line.
  • Integrated cap presence detection to verify correct cap removal and installation.
  • Extracted cap collection with easy removal.
  • Compact design minimizes floor space requirement.
  • Available in Dresser-only configuration.
  • With an optional magazine cover included, caps are protected from expulsion and debris before installation onto electrode adapters.


  • Magazines hold 60% more caps than other brands.
  • Dress and change caps on any gun.
  • Common core components minimize spare parts inventory.
  • Improve machine/cell uptime.
  • Minimize operator exposure to the inside of the cell.
  • Better electrode adapter life (no manual cap removal).
  • Magazine quick exchange off-line refilling
  • Gentle cap extraction with no requirement for a robot or gun to move during extraction
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