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Weld Fastener Monitoring: Best Practices Webinar- Available On Demand

Webinar on DemandPosted August 6, 2015

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited held a Webinar entitled: Weld Fastener Monitoring- Best Practices. The webinar was delivered by Larry Koscielski, CenterLine's Senior Technical and Strategic Advisor, and broadcasted through the IHS Engineering360 Online Events platform. 

The live Webinar and Q&A session were recorded and are now available for online viewing at the following links:

Webinar site:

This is a free presentation that outlines the current challenges and reasons for implementing effective fastener detection techniques. As well, it provides information on proven practices and insights that can help users select and make use of proper detection methods. The presentation focuses on techniques related to fastener geometry detection.

Please view this presentation if this topic is of interest to you, and feel free to provide the links to anyone who may benefit from this information.