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Introducing the VeriFast� LVDT

VeriFast LVDT Weld BodyPosted August 11, 2015

CenterLine is pleased to introduce our newest nut weld detection product- the VeriFast™ LVDT system, which is designed to provide a reliable method for monitoring the quality of the entire projection welding process.

Main features:

  • Extremely accurate, real time position (up to 24 mm linear).
  • Extended mechanical life.
  • Environmentally robust, can withstand a wide range of contaminants (i.e. water, grease, oil, etc.)
  • The VeriFast™ LVDT can sense: 
    • fastener presence and orientation at the point of weld
    • piloted and non-piloted nuts
    • welding stud lengths
    • infinite weld pin positions (return to start, fully retracted, etc)
    • measurement of projection collapse
  • Compact design allows installation and operation in confined spaces.
For more information, visit our LVDT product page and access all related documents.