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Introducing the FlexGun UL, Ultra Lightweight Welding Gun

Introducing the FlexGun ULPosted September 28, 2016

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is proud to introduce the FlexGun™ UL; the lightest robotic welding gun offered by CenterLine.
Choose the FlexGun UL for: 
  • Ultra-low gun weights - 56 to 69 kg
  • Weld force of up to 8330 N
  • Integrated Robot Mounting- LH, RH, Top or Bottom (C & Pinch styles), Rear (X & C styles) 
  • Common gun body for each style - no LH or RH version
The FlexGun UL is available in X, C and Pinch base designs and nearly 100 standard model configurations to choose from.  

Looking to save floor space and capital costs? The FlexGun UL series guns are ideal for high density welding cell implementation. These cell designs rely on smaller robots (80 kg capacity) that consume less floor space. Smaller robots reduce initial costs, function at lower operating costs, and reduce the overall manufacturing footprint. 
To see the FlexGun UL brochure, click here: To see our latest video, go to: