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High-Speed Fastener Welding System Summary Video

High speed fastener welding system cell imagePosted May 6, 2019

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is proud to officially present our patented High-Speed Fastener Welding System. From operator load to finished part, we have simplified and streamlined every part of the welding process to provide high quality and high throughput in a fraction of the time of standard welding solutions. The PinPoint™ Solution separates operator loading from machine cycle time, simplifies part loading, can be configured for multiple different parts on the same solution, and consistently presents the parts for robot pick-up. The SoftMount™ inverted nut gun with our Quick Fastener Placement unit allows for rapid fastener delivery, reduces downtime by having compliance to engage with the hole in the part, and utilizes our VeriFast™ LVDT for active in-process monitoring.

We believe that this system represents the future of fastener welding, and invite you to watch our summary video and contact us to find out how the High-Speed Fastener Welding System can work for you.