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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


COVID-19 information update for our customers, partners & suppliers

At CenterLine, we are committed to health, safety, and doing all we can to maintain a high level of individual and community care. With the COVID-19 situation constantly evolving and all of us dealing with an unprecedented reality, it is critical to keep you informed of the decisive actions we have been taking. Throughout our worldwide operations, and in the communities where we live and work, we continue to promote personal well-being and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

CenterLine’s management team meets daily with the objective of overcoming this very challenging situation.

We continue to reinforce several safety measures, including:

  • Ensuring that staff and visitors in our buildings are practicing physical distancing.
  • Carefully managing building access. All entrances are secure, and those visiting our offices are required to complete a short questionnaire before entering the premises
  • Additional hand sanitizer has been provided for each building with more frequent cleaning of often-touched surfaces and common areas
  • Meetings & communications are being managed virtually
  • Highly visible signage to emphasize strict preventative measures to employees and visitors.

We care deeply about communities around the world affected by the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. At CenterLine, we felt an obligation to contribute in a meaningful way and formed a partnership with St. Clair College to collaborate on a very important project that addresses the potential shortage of ventilators. We developed an automated solution to assist with breathing which currently awaits approval from Health Canada. The solution, designed and tested at CenterLine facilities, will automatically inflate and deflate a manual ventilator bag, taking over what a pair of human hands would otherwise do. To read more about our partnership with St. Clair College in designing and manufacturing this device , please click here.

Our commitment is that our employees, customers, and suppliers remain our highest priority during these difficult and ever-changing times. Our hearts go out to those who may be affected by the coronavirus, especially our employees and their families; we are wishing them good health and strength. With teamwork, determination and optimism, we will overcome this. We are in this together!