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Summer Student Showcase #ILookLikeTheFuture
Summer Student Showcase #ILookLikeTheFuture
Posted August 28, 2015
The ‪#‎ILookLikeTheFuture‬ campaign was started to showcase the Summer students we had working at our facilities this Summer. In total, we hired 15 Summer students which were in High School, College and University! We were honoured to offer these students a rewarding and educational hands-on experience! At CenterLine, we not only invest in our company and innovative products ensuring quality and reliability for our customers, we invest in our employees. We are proud to run a supportive culture in which we cultivate careers for people of all ages, including our Summer students. We hope the students take away these key lessons:

1. Confidence: the ability to rely on themselves
2. Time Management: deciding what's important to accomplish in a day and how to do so, and
3. Insight into the Manufacturing Industry: learn what we do here at CenterLine, and how you can apply your education to many different fields and endless career options.

We wish all of the students luck and success this year in their studies and hope to see them again soon! They are young, smart, and determined- and they are our future. ‪#‎ILookLikeTheFuture‬

Click here to read the profiles of our outstanding Summer students.
Introducing the VeriFast™ LVDT
Introducing the VeriFast™ LVDT
Posted August 11, 2015
CenterLine is pleased to introduce our newest nut weld detection product- the VeriFast™ LVDT system, which is designed to provide a reliable method for monitoring the quality of the entire projection welding process.

Main features:
  • Extremely accurate, real time position (up to 24 mm linear).
  • Extended mechanical life.
  • Environmentally robust, can withstand a wide range of contaminants (i.e. water, grease, oil, etc.)
  • The VeriFast™ LVDT can sense: 
    • fastener presence and orientation at the point of weld
    • piloted and non-piloted nuts
    • welding stud lengths
    • infinite weld pin positions (return to start, fully retracted, etc)
    • measurement of projection collapse
  • Compact design allows installation and operation in confined spaces.
For more information, visit our LVDT product page and access all related documents.
Posted August 11, 2015
Weld Fastener Monitoring: Best Practices Webinar- Available On Demand
Weld Fastener Monitoring: Best Practices Webinar- Available On Demand
Posted August 06, 2015
CenterLine (Windsor) Limited held a Webinar entitled: Weld Fastener Monitoring- Best Practices. The webinar was delivered by Larry Koscielski, CenterLine's Senior Technical and Strategic Advisor, and broadcasted through the IHS Engineering360 Online Events platform. 

The live Webinar and Q&A session were recorded and are now available for online viewing at the following links:

Webinar site:  http://www.globalspec.com/events/eventdetails?eventId=918
Registration:  http://www.globalspec.com/events/siteRegistration?eventId=918

This is a free presentation that outlines the current challenges and reasons for implementing effective fastener detection techniques. As well, it provides information on proven practices and insights that can help users select and make use of proper detection methods. The presentation focuses on techniques related to fastener geometry detection.

Please view this presentation if this topic is of interest to you, and feel free to provide the links to anyone who may benefit from this information.